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Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship

Rotary Club Locator - Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship exists to connect Rotarians around the world so the least we could do was to put a quick link to the Rotary Club Locator, right?  Be sure to do make ups at other clubs in other parts of the world.  Of course if you are traveling and want to surf at those destinations or maybe even be hosted by another Surfers Unite member be sure to be registered as a member and let us connect you. 

Surf Apparel - From Cobian footwear to Nixon watches and RVCA shirts you can get it all at your local surf shop.  In fact we encourage you to support your local shops in your community vs buying on Amazon.  Shop small and you will not only build a relationship with those in the surf community but you will preserve what is sacred about the surf culture.  After all local shapers, owners and retailers should be O'Hana (Hawaiian for family).

Of course if you wish to buy Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship apparel well then buy it online and we will ship it to you directly or hand it out at an event.  Click here to view SURF merchandise.

Surf Associations and Beneficiaries

AmpSurf is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to Promote, Inspire, Educate, and Rehabilitate (PIER) all people with disabilities and their families through Adaptive Surf Therapy and other outdoor activities. Through learn to surf events and clinics AmpSurf and the many volunteers across the country assist adaptive surfers and Veterans through their events.  Get involved today and let's continue to support this wonderful organization.

Boys to Men Mentoring (BTM) addresses the needs of the forgotten youth - fatherless and high-risk teenage boys who need the mentoring of good men in their lives.  Through weekly in-school and after-school groups with their peers and BTM mentors, these angry, selfish and hopeless boys slowly become responsible, respectful and honorable young men.

Afters just one year of weekly meeting, BTM boys get an average of 27% better grades and 85% fewer disciplinary issues.  This organization is about changing hearts, minds and futures and we are thrilled to support their efforts.  In fact, over a dozen Surfers Unite members will be involved as volunteers in the 100 Wave Challenge on October 7th and several of us will be completing 100 waves in a single day to raise money for this outstanding 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Donate here if interested.  The Boys to Men Mentoring Network was founded in 1996 by Herb Sidgurdson (1927-1997), his son Joe Sigurdson and Craig McClain.  BTM has chapters in Virginia, Arizona and other regions as well.  In San Diego the program reaches over 800 teens weekly in over 40 local schools.  It's always great to raise money for worthy charities, meet alumni of their program and kids who's lives are being transformed but when you can paddle out with World Champion Shaun Tomson and Damien Hobgood it's even sweeter.  In 2020 we raised over $500k for this organization and with the support of other pro surfers like World #1 John John Florence, Yago Dora & former WSL Competitor CJ Hobgood we took this single day event and went global.

Christian Surfers International - Be sure to check them out and link up with their events.  CSI is an outstanding gospel driven organization that truly is dedicated to helping those in the surf community.  I have many friends in Christian Surfers who I respect and love as brothers and sisters.

Groundswell Community Project was founded by Natalie Small as a way to heal, empower and unite women through therapeutic surf sessions and ocean conservation projects.  This International Surf Fellowship has become a favorite charity partners as we support their events as volunteers and direct others to their incredible non-profit organization.  Natalie is a licensed marriage and family therapist with Kirstin Filizetti, Ph.D. in San Diego, CA.

Life Rolls On Foundation was founded by world champion quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer.  LRO is dedicated to improving the quality of life of young people affected by spinal cord injury.  The Life Rolls On Foundation is a 501(c)3 which touches hundreds of thousands of lives through adaptive surfing and skating events.  Once you attend one of their events you will forever want to be a part of the LROhana.

Welcome the opportunity to add links to other affiliations you feel would be ideal to add as well.

BeachCorps is a new kind of volunteer vacation that uses great vacations, people-to-people engagement and sustainability campaigns to empower worthy non profit causes and supports sustainable development. BeachCorps is supporting a partnership between Rotary clubs in the USA and the Dominican Republic to create excursions from resort areas supporting the best nonprofit causes in Punta Cana and other high tourism areas of the Dominican Republic.  BeachCorps led a presentation of this new model in the Rotary Global Conference in Toronto 2018 and hopes to share our methods and model with other clubs and tour operators around the world.  We believe Rotary can one day be the worldwide leader in impact travel designed to make a better world. We believe both SURF and BeachCorps are great models for growing a younger, more diverse Rotary.  Special thanks to BeachCorps Founder, David Searby for joining Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship as a Rotary Member as well.

Surf News and Contest Results

The Inertia offers a lot of fantastic content, photos and reports from around the globe.  Shout out to our good buddy Mark Chu.

World Surfing League - We love the WSL for so many reasons but from online content with live streaming of events around the world there truly is only one spot on the web that matters in following the top surfers in our sport.

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Surf Reports - Surfline and Magicseaweed are just two of many different global sites providing real time data on swells, surf conditions and forecasts.  If you have a favorite site drop us a line at and we can add it.

Surf Shops - Have a favorite local surf shop you want to have listed?  Send us an email to and always support your local surf shops when buying gear, boards and merchandise.

Bird's Surf Shed - The next time you're in San Diego you owe it to yourself to check out Bird's Surf Shed on Morena or Ocean Beach.  Bird Huffman is by far one of the nicest and most knowledgeable guys on the planet when it comes to vintage boards, the evolution of surfing, shaping and designing.  Want to own a piece of history?  Swing by the shed.  Want to design a retro board?  Check out a board like a library book.  Seriously the shop is incredible and it's a great venue for events.  Next time the person you love is getting worried about the size of your quiver remind them that Bird has over 1800 boards.  Thanks Bird for being a great friend and supporter of the Boys to Men Mentoring 100 Wave Challenge.  You're a legend!

Channel Islands Surfboards - Everyone knows Channel Islands Surfboards and the heritage of legendary shaper Al Merrick.  Since 1969 CI has grown to be one of the premiere and globally recognized leaders within the surf industry.  Some of the top riders on the WSL include Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Kai Otton, Adriano De Souza, Lakey Peterson, Nikki Van Dijk, Bethany Hamilton and of course Ventura's own Sage Erickson...just to name a few.  Al is no longer involved with Channel Islands but having been to the factory in Carpenteria and met a number of shapers they have a very skilled team that makes CI one of the driving forces of innovation in the industry.  The downtown flagship store located at 36 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA is worth a visit if you're traveling through the Central Coast.  

Degree 33 Surfboards - Trevor Berge is the owner of Degree 33 Surfboards and Bill Menard is the shaper with more than 40 years experience.  This unique surf board manufacturing company located in San Diego, CA sells boards directly to the public which means you can get a custom board for hundreds less.  The philosophy at Degree 33 is "A board for every surfer" which makes them the number 1 online surfboard brand in the U.S.A.  Living in Virginia Beach?  They'll ship it to ya.  Need it delivered to the Gold Coast?  No problem.  Trevor is also a genuinely great person, a family man and a terrific supporter of causes within the community.  From the Switchfoot BroAM Foundation to Boys to Men Mentoring Trevor and his team have a passion for giving back.  Don't miss their Demo Events as it is a great way to try before you buy.  This is one of the few shops you can call, reserve a board and take it out in the water.  Don't miss our Demo events or the opportunity to order a custom board with a Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship logo on your next long board, shortboard or fish.  These guys rock!

Encinitas Surfboards - John Kies has been hand shaping boards in Encinitas, CA for decades and his shop is absolutely authentic.  In fact Encinitas Surfboards has been around since 1975.  They have a great used board selection, friendly staff and competitive prices. 

Harbour Surfboards - Rich Harbour and the crew in Seal Beach, CA not only have a terrific local surf shop but their specialty in long board design makes for some of the best nose riders on the planet.  A personal favorite the 9'6" Harbour San-O hand shaped by the legendary Rich Harbour himself.  Rich has crafted over 32,000 boards since 1959 and their quality is unparalleled.

Hansen Surfboards - Don Hansen and his family have been serving the surf community since 1961.  Located in Encinitas, CA this shop has something for everyone from surfboards to snowboards, used boards to a massive selection of Roxy, Quicksilver, Billabong gear, wetsuits from Rip Curl to O'Neill and shoes and sandals from Reef, Vans and Cobian.  Gotta love how they reward students with discounts as you can bring in your report card and save awesome!

Isle Surf & SUP - Julie Riggert formerly of PB Rotaract served as our Social Media Chair and is an outstanding contact for Isle SUP.  You see, Julie is not only an avid surfer and SUP rider but actually handles the social media for Isle Surf & SUP so you truly have a friend on the inside.  

Katin Surf Shop - Located in Sunset Beach, CA Katin has been serving the surf community since 1954.  Known for their "Canvas by Katin" board shorts this shop is legendary not only within the surf community in neighboring Huntington Beach AKA "Surf City USA" but literally has sold product all around the world.  They typically have a great used board selection too.

Malibu's Surf Shop - Located in Ocean City, Maryland Lee & his family have served the community since 1986.  One of the the largest beneficiaries of their charity work is the Believe in Tomorrow program which provides an opportunity for kids with cancer and their families to stay at the Children's Home By the Sea.  Malibu's provides the surf lessons for these special kids and their families and their shop is equally rad.  Check them out and support them on your next trip to the East Coast.

McKevlin's Surf Shop - Located in Folly Beach, South Carolina this local shop has been serving the community since 1965.  You will dig the whole vibe of this shop as they have a giant "No Pop Outs" on the side of the building and it defines their philosophy as a shop, 100% hand crafted boards and quality workmanship.  You will find a great selection of boards, accessories and apparel here.  You will not find a board made overseas from a Chinese factory, period.  Used board prices are up there but then again it's Folly Beach and the guys and gals willing to brave Hurricane force winds just to surf the Atlantic don't mind paying a little extra to have what they need.

Rusty Surfboards - Since 1985 Rusty Preisendorfer has been crafting performance boards and revolutionizing the surf industry.  His team of shapers include Rick Hamon, Hoy Runnels, Mike Russo, Pedro Battaglin and son Clint Preisendorfer.  Rusty sells boards all over the world and has some of the top riders on the WSL.  If you find yourself in San Diego stop by the original store located on 15th Street in Del Mar and be sure to paddle out.  Hands down one of my favorite shortboards in my personal quiver is my 6'3" Rusty Neil Diamond.  

Surf Ride - Since 1974 the Bernard family has been serving the surf community beginning with their original Oceanside Hobie store, added Solana Beach in the early 90's and most recently a store in Carlsbad.  This is second generation family owned board shop sells more surfboards then any other shop in the world!  From Channel Islands Surboards to Firewire, from JS to DHD and Chris Ruddy they have over 2,000 boards on-hand and their selection of surf gear and used boards are ideal.  If you live in San Diego or are in the area stop by and check them out.  Known Richard Bernard and his crew for decades and they are awesome! 

Tambo's Surf Shack - Located in Orange Beach, Alabama this little nugget in the Gulf Shores area is exactly what surfers look for in surf shops.  Mike Tamburello is from the area, competed for years, moved to San Diego and became a Buyer for Surf Ride then eventually returned to his roots.  Mike is knowledgable, fun and really loves helping others get the most out of their equipment.  Tambo's has a terrific selection of boards and gear plus when you walk in and talk with the owner you just might grab a cup of coffee or paddle out at local breaks with him later.  Love ya Mike!

Waxy Surf Wax - Located in Seal Beach, California Gary & Isabelle McFadden created a non-toxic wax that allows surfers to express themselves artistically with a range of colors and distributed across the globe.  Isabelle is from Portugal and a good friend...check them out and ask your local surf shop to carry their products.

Zuma Jays - Located in Malibu, California owner Jefferson Wagner AKA "Zuma Jay" has been serving the community as one of the coolest and oldest surf shops since 1975.  In fact, Zuma Jay is also the Mayor of Malibu and a former stunt double for actor Clint Eastwood.  Seriously the guy is an absolute legend and a really great friend in the surfing community.  Swing by his shop on your next ride through Malibu.

We will continue to add many other shops and more and more content so stop by soon and keep the suggestions flowing.

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