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Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship

The following are some of our favorite surf films over time.  Hope you and your families enjoy them as well.

Watch this classic Bruce Brown film Endless Summer featuring legends in the world of surfing, Robert August and Mike Hynson.  Catch it on iTunes at:

Most people think of big wave surfing and the Maverick's crew...well those guys and the surfers who hit Jaws in Paia on Maui are in a league of their own.  Catch Chasing Mavericks on iTunes at:

Step Into Liquid is a terrific surf film as it also captures the passion of surfers from all around the world.  Of course with classic lines like our pal Larry Williams in Sheboygan, Wisconsin "...we get barrels so big it will hide a Volkswagen." it's reason enough to crack open a cold one and enjoy this film.  Robert August and Wingnut surfing Costa Rica...incredibly special.  Check it on iTunes at:

Looking for a 1990's Surf Classic?  Harley Taich of La Jolla suggested Kelly Slater Black and White on Vimeo

On the lighter side, the family friendly 2007 animation Surf's Up as suggested by our SUP sista Jody Cass is always a crowd pleaser.  This film makes our Founder laugh every time as Brett went to High School with Rob Machado.  Kelly Slater also does voice overs in Surf's Up along with WSL commentator Sal Masekela.

How about our Andy Irons or Dave "Rasta" Rastovich fans out there.  Paul Ambrogio of Carlsbad suggests Blue Horizon from Director Jack McCoy.

Lifetime Member Ranjan Lahiri who was a body boarder turned surfer suggested Hell or High Water which is on Netflix.

Jody Clegg of Huntington Beach suggested the 2018 HBO film Momentum Generation which features a few of our friends including Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Rob Machado, Taylor Steele, Pat O'Connell, Kalani Robb and Paul epic journey with absolute legends for sure.

Something more current?  Watch the 2019 film from Director Geoff Clark narrated by comedian Daniel Tosh And Two if by Sea with Damien Hobgood & CJ Hobgood] on iTunes.  Click the trailer here.

Courtesy of Jack Landers we offer you the classic North Shore just don't encourage JL to quote the lines as he knows the entire movie by heart, guaranteed.  At least Hawaiian legend Gerry Lopez is in it.

There are hundreds of titles out there but if you ask most of the pro's currently on tour what their favorite surf film might be you're likely to hear Taylor Steele's Momentum with some 1990's punk metal mixed in.  Warning, unless your goal is to be left in your ManCave flying solo here are some other films that the whole family will watch and enjoy together:

Fading West is a rock/surf documentary from the Grammy Award Winning band Switchfoot that you will surely love.  Of course having known Jon & Tim Foreman for 30+ years we might be a bit biased.  There's a reason you'll see Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship involved in the annual Switchfoot BroAM at Moonlight Beach as we raise money for music, good times, surf contests and surf jousting...bring it on!  Check it on Amazon Prime:

Check out any number of titles on Walking on Water at but The Walking on Water film featuring Bryan Jennings with Luke Davis and Tyler Hallen as well as Beyond Sight staring Derek Rabelo are absolutely amazing!

We have many more to add but let's not forget the one and only Bethany Hamilton of Kuaui.  The movie Unstoppable released in 2019 is almost as amazing as she is honestly.  B-Ham is a remarkable woman and to see how she's flourished as a professional surfer, wife, mother and continues to be one of the most inspirational people in the world., well you will see why Bethany truly is unstoppable  On iTunes at:

A little more on the darker side but certainly relevant is the 2018 film Andy Irons: Kissed by God.  Andy Irons was a 2X World Champion Surfer who battled Bipolar disorder and opioid addiction.  The surfing community grieves his loss still today yet to see the struggle to survive that Sunny Garcia and his family are living just proves that fortune and fame doesn't cure battles with addiction, depression and that mental health is so important for all of us.  Part of our vision as a Rotary Fellowship is to Unite all of us through our passions, our willingness to serve others.  We demonstrate are commitment to family by building positive relationships with one another and including multiple generations in our service projects and socials.  Together we share the joy of the Aloha spirit and a sense of togetherness as O'Hana.

Grab a blanket as this Chris Burkard film Under an Artic Sky will take you on a journey to some seriously epic and frigid locations.  Amazing cinematography and some very insanely brave surfers.

Pro Surfer Sage Erickson thought Taylor Steele's 1999 film Loose Change is the best surf film of all time.  Honestly, we think that simply shows Sage's tremendous sense of humor.  This is a classic film for any fans who loved Nacho Libre or Napoleon Dynamite.  Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Bruce Irons, Kelly Slater, The Hobgoods...the talent field is deep and the footage from downtown Encinitas of Machado riding a bike is fantastic for all of us who grew up in North County San Diego.  Our stomach hurt just watching the first 3 minutes but then we turned it off to be productive in life...Ha, Ha!

Pro Surfer Conner Coffin suggests the best surf film of all time is Searching for Tom Curren (1996).  As a three time World Champion Tom continues to inspire generations of surfers.

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