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Paddle Out to End Polio - RICON20 Honolulu

  • 06/04/2020
  • 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Waikiki, Oahu (Location TBD)
  • 178


  • For those who wish to underwrite this historic event and be acknowledged as a Big Kahuna Lifetime Member of Surfers Unite. Duke was not only a native Hawaiian growing up surfing and swimming in Waikiki he was also a world class swimmer. Known as the Ambassador of Aloha Duke competed in the Olympic games for 20 years earning six medals. Be a part of Hawaiian royalty by sponsoring the Paddle Out to End Polio. This entire amount may be tax deductible. A letter from Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship will be provided.
  • Gerry Lopez is known as Mr. Pipeline and his grace and style for barrel ridding is something that has inspired generations of surfers. If you would like to help make this event a success as all proceeds benefit the End Polio Now campaign here is a great way to help. Surfers Unite Rotarians Fellowship will acknowledge all sponsors at the event and online.
  • Kelly Slater is the GOAT "Greatest of All Time." Let's face it, an 11X World Champion who still continues to innovate and competes against the best in the world, many of which are half his age or nearly 3o years younger. To be a Kelly Slater Sponsor you have to be someone pretty special. Each Sponsor will receive four (4) passes to participate in the Paddle Out to End Poiio and will be featured in our social media and acknowledged on our website. Again, all proceeds will benefite the End Polio Now campaign and a letter for tax deductible amounts will be sent to acknowledge our sponsors. Who's willing to step up to be a KS Sponsor?
  • This will secure a board rental at Waikiki and participants will also be given a Surfers Unite hat and event shirt.
  • This will secure your spot in an Outrigger at Waikiki and participants will also be given a Surfers Unite hat and dri-fit shirt.
  • For those who simply want to reserve an umbrella and chair to watch the event you can reserve it in advance and you're in!
  • This will secure a board rental at Waikiki and participants will also be given a Surfers Unite hat and event shirt.
  • We are looking for volunteers to assist with registration, process payments and hand out gear at the event. Participants will also be given a Surfers Unite hat and dri-fit shirt.

Congratulations! You are signed up to reserve a longboard for the Paddle Out for Polio event on June 5th at Waikiki. More details will be sent to you closer to the event date.

UPDATE: March 18, 2020

Amid the growing concerns of the Coronavirus and travel restrictions being imposed by numerous countries Rotary International has officially announced that the 2020 Convention in Honolulu has been cancelled.  This was an extremely difficult decision however the health of our members worldwide and safety of all participants in the numerous events is most important.  An email communication to all who registered is going out this evening and we will advise at a later date when a similar event may be organized.  Again, we will continue to make every effort to ensure that all Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship events follow our mission of creating fun and relevant events and socials for the family of Rotary.  There will be plenty of other opportunities to do this event at a future Rotary Convention.

Brett Morey, Founder of Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship

With the support of the HOC and Rotary International here is what we have planned for the June 4th Paddle Out to End Polio event.  Believe us you will want to be a part of Rotary history:

We are creating a large 30’ diameter End Polio Now banner to float on the water and a fun Paddle Out to End Polio event on Thursday, June 4, 2020 to raise funds and awareness for the End Polio Now campaign.  What's involved?  Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, family & friends paddling out at Waikiki on surfboards, SUP boards and for those requiring extra assistance Outriggers.  We will form a huge circle surrounding the End Polio Now banner floating on the ocean and a drone will capture it all including those gathered on the shoreline to throw leis and cheer everyone on.  It will be magical and it defines what makes Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship so meaningful to so many around the globe.  Sign up today and we will keep you in the loop concerning board rentals, donations directly to End Polio Now etc.  Lot's to come so stay connected.

Make your donations to the End Polio Now campaign at:

Currently we are working with Dive Oahu at Canoes to secure the best package deals possible.  Surfers Unite will also be incurring the costs of the insurance, permit fees and other related costs while creating some cool gear for this event.  Your Lifetime Membership and support will make this historic event possible.  We are so thankful for those who are signing up early to support our vision for this event and hope you will join us as well.  Please read our disclaimer below as safety is our first priority for any Surfers Unite event.

Disclaimer: Safety is paramount in all that we do. Only strong swimmers are advised to go into the water. If you are not in excellent health or have other considerations please join those on the sand to support the event as a volunteer or participant in the umbrella areas (paid registration required). If you prefer to ride in an outrigger with a life vest please register accordingly. We will have a safety briefing before paddling out. If conditions are not deemed safe for any reason we reserve the right to cancel this event, no refunds are guaranteed. Please note, if equipment is reserved in advance we may be able to work with our vendors to offer a credit during your stay. Social media will be updated throughout the event and the days leading up to it. We will also correspond with all registrants via email with weather and wave updates to ensure a fun, safe and successful event.

Lastly, Once registered you will be directed to complete the following waiver for Dive Oahu online at:  Please complete this waiver as it will be required before retrieving a longboard or SUP board and entering the water at the event.

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